• Check-in/start: TBA

  • Two Hour Duration

  • Price: $20 per map (a group of 2 or more can use 1 map)
  • Post-event meal and beverages available for $10 per person at the race finish location
  • Please bring cash or check made payable to Mike Prucha
  • Please RSVP your attendance via email so we have enough maps

Chasin' The Bone Orienteering Only Event

For 2019 we are planning to open up the O course to another orienteering only event, check back in winter of 2019 for more details.


Because it's the Cat Maps of Greenbush!

We know there are those of you out there that just don't want to participate in a full adventure race, but just can't resist the chance to get your hands on Badger Orienteering's infamous Cat Maps. Here's your chance!  We'll be offering a two hour rogaine style event during the Chasin' The Bone Race.  Details are at right.

This is also a perfect event for racers that have family out watching (waiting for) them race.  Have them bring along a compass and they can experience a little bit of what you're doing.